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Alrighty Then

Okay – I’m in Canada, blogging from my basement which is roughly 40 degrees.  Not that Canada is that cold, it just seems that our basement may be linked to that wheel thingy in LOST that sent Ben from the Arctic to Morocco.  Not even kidding – I could store meat down here.

Anyway – it’s been a heck of a ride boys and girls.

We immigrated/emigrated last Saturday from the USA into Canada.  We loaded the truck on Thursday night with an army of friends from church and were able to get almost everything onto the truck.  After 20 years together & two teenagers, we’ve got stuff.   The drive was an adventure that included an unplanned detour – thank you GPS – through a small town in rural NY with a hill that rivals Denali on the outskirts of town.  FYI – I have never been closer to Jesus than I was following a 26ft truck loaded with my husband, daughter & dog plus most of my worldly goods, towing my husbands’ 1985 Chysler 5th Ave up a 35 degree angle hill across RR tracks as I followed with my other daughter in our SUV.  I actually has the thoughts, “OK, if that hitch lets go or if the car rolls off the trailer do I swerve & let it miss us & hit whatever is behind us (house, old lady, another car) or do I swerve & let it hit us broadside so it hits my side of the car & I die but Ceilidh lives?”  Moving is awesome!

Immigration & our experience at Fort Erie Customs & Immigration can’t be explained without the red string chart thing from “A Beautiful Mind” or I run the risk of bending the Space/Time Continuum.  Apparently all the information I was given prior to standing in front of the Immigration officer on Saturday was part of a conspiracy that makes “The Moon Landing is a Hoax” look rational.  It was wrong.  All wrong.  Can’t explain other than to say we’ve been to 1 Emabassy, 2 CIC offices & been snubbed by 2 separate CIC departments in less than 4 days.  I have a lot more to say on the subject, but can’t b/c I don’t want it on paper.  Not kidding.

Completely off topic, but there is a show in my TV Guide here in Canada called “Little Mosque on the Prairie”.  I have no idea what it is other than it’s listed as a ‘comedy’ but I’m pretty sure it isn’t going to get picked up for syndication in the states.

So far I have the nicest neighbors I’ve had since I left Cape Breton in the late 80’s. I realize Jeffrey Dahmer’s neighbors said the same thing about him (minus the Cape Breton part), but so far no weird smells coming from their houses, so fingers crossed!

For all my hockey loving friends- Congrats to the Blackhawks on winning the Cup but I have a hard time really being happy for the team with Hossa on their roster.  ’nuff said.

Finally, a little off putting, I found Rosary beads left hanging on mirrors by the previous tenants & my dog won’t come into the basement.  I’m not saying the house is haunted – no such thing as ghosts, that’s a post for another day – but I’m just throwing it out there in case, you know, anyone from the SciFi network is checking out my blog.  You never know. : )



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